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3 Finger Exercises that can Boost your Guitar Playing Skills

Guitar - Rumah MusiklIn able to play guitar excellently, you need to have flexible and strong finger. As you practiceplaying guitar, your finger will be able to practice flexibility of your fingers. But you need to enhance it to be able to get more advanced guitar playing. There are certain practice that will improve the flexibility and strength of your fingers. It can easily be done even while you’re doing simple things or just sitting at the park or office.

 Finger’s Flexibility Exercise 

 Stretch your fingers everyday. By doing so, your finger will be more flexible. Bending your fingers to its tension point is one of the practice you can do anywhere, anytime. Just don’t bend it too much to the point that you’re hurting yourself. You need to be extra careful with your hand and fingers as it the most important in playing guitar.

 Finger’s Strength Exercise 

 Strength of your finger should be enhanced too. Stronger grip will go along with the fingers, thus, practicing your grip strength will also help you to have stronger fingers. You can try some grip exercises such as squeezing grip trainer, tennis ball or any round, weighed round things. By doing this practices, your fingers will have more endurance and can make you hold the chords firmly and strum the strings louder.

 Finger’s Speed and Independence Exercise 

 Having practices that can boost your finger speed and independence will make you change chords and picking faster and easier. You can do that practice by placing your hand in a flat surface like table. Then, push upward your palms so your hands lay down on their fingertips. Frequently, lift and lower each fingers. You can also try practicing different chord changing and picking for your finger to be familiar with the chords.

 These three exercises will be able to enhance and boost your finger that will be very beneficial for you guitar playing.

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