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Alexander Tcherepnin

From his eralist days Alexander Tcherepnin heard beautiful operas in his home…, for his father, Nicolai Tcherepnin, was one of the most famous Russian composers and conductors of his day. Young Alexander was destined for a musical career and studied piano and composition at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. While he was a very young man, he made a name for himself as a pianist and composer.

When he was twenty-one he moved to France to continue his studies at the Paris Conservatory. He lived in France until 1949, making frequent concert tours to many countries. While he toured the Orient, he had a sprcial opportunity to listen to the traditional and popular music of China and japan, and to delve into the folkore of these countries.

His Reputation was established early in Europe, for his music was familiar to concert-goers and to his operas and ballets were frequently produced. But in United States people did not know of him until the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlowa, danced to his ballet, Ajanta’s Frescoes, on her coast-to-coast tour. After that his works were widely performed in this country.

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