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Beginner and Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Lessons- more on scales

Guitar - Rumah Musik
Guitar – Rumah Musik

We recently covered a scaling finger exercise to begin helping the beginner acoustic guitar player and the intermediate guitar player to be able to work on finger agility and coordination while moving up and down the fret board. The previous lessons on scales helps as both a warm up and cool down exercise, as well as an intro to getting the fingers of the left hand to begin working in coordination with the right hand flat-picking rhythms and cadence. In this next lesson, we will work on a basic soloing scale which can be used on the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar. In order to practice and develop well, you should be sure to have the best beginner acoustic guitar for your investment, size, and playability. Practicing on an inferior instrument can limit progress and cause frustration for any aspiring player.

From exercise to the pentatonic scale

Guitar - Rumah Musik
Guitar – Rumah Musik

The pentatonic scale is perhaps the most basic of rudimentary scales to learn on the acoustic or

electric guitar. It is easily used and played over many different songs and chord progressions. All you really need to do is learn the basic form of the pentatonic scale across the fretboard, and then learn how to identify the correct root for the scale based on the song you are playing along with. It is good to train both the ear and the eye-hand coordination so you can know visually and with your trained ear the correct locations to begin a pentatonic scale with particular songs. A bit of practice with different songs in different keys is necessary to build a visual and auditory memory as to what is correct.

The Pentatonic scale is a simple scale with 5 notes per octave (every 8 scale notes). The root “penta” comes from the ancient Greek word “pente” which means literally “5”. The major or minor scale is considered a heptatonic scale which means “7” – or 7 notes per octave. In this basic acoustic guitar lesson we will be focusing on the pentatonic scale to begin.

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