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Beginner’s Guideline – Easy Way to Learn playing Electric Guitar


Guitar - Rumah Musik
Guitar – Rumah Musik

Most of people that are clinging into music are into learning play different instrument such as guitar. Only few people – which having the proper skill and patience – can play electric guitar as it complicated to learn and requires lot of patience and time. Guitarists especially beginners are having such rough times at first in learning to play a song with their guitar. But as the basics of guitar playing, beginner should begin to fundamentals at slow pace. It will help you to get used with the chord and basic strumming and picking. As the result, even in slow speed, you will be able to improve your guitar playing skills.

If you are into learning electric guitar, that first urge you’re going to do is search or look for something or someone who’ll teach you the basics. There’s a lot of electric guitar playing tutorial available online but most of them are just stating the MOST basic steps such as “first, purchase a guitar”, “second, learn the basic chords” and so on… It won’t help you because as you can see, it’s quite obvious that you should do that before learning the electric guitar, but what we’re looking for is how to do the basic chords, strumming and picking.

If you don’t have any friend or relative who can teach you personally, you can look over “Real” and reliable source online who is teaching the basics. You can browse for videos or website that can provide you basic electric guitar playing. They might ask you to subscribe but you better go for free versions first while you still not hundred percent sure you want to play a guitar.

You better start learning basic nylon guitar playing first before go to electric guitar. It will make you get used on playing guitar instrument. Electric guitar is almost similar to those acoustic guitars, just the fact that it’s electric and it has steel strings that can be able to hurt your fingers if you’re not familiar in playing the basics.

Before you can start playing electric guitar, make yourself familiar with playing non-electric guitar first. You can try playing guitar songs for you to enhance your playing skills. Follow that song “manual” so that playing will be easier for you to learn. Starts playing in slow pace first then go to normal pace after you’ve learned.

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