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Simple Guitar Songs – Easy to Play and Learn


Guitar - Rumah Musik
Guitar – Rumah Musik

As for guitar beginners, it is really hard to start from scratch especially if you have no idea on how to start. Learning basic chords and tunes will help you to play guitar slowly but surely. After you come up with the basic chord, you will surely like to play songs. You can start with a song that has simple and basic chord that is easy to learn. Here are some easy song chords that can help you to start.

Eric Clapton’s Sunshine of your love (Cream) 

You will be able to learn the most popular riffs when you start learning this song. As it riff mostly used in minor pentatonic blues, beginners will be able to learn theory of the music while playing a great music. Moreover, when you’re learning about guitar chord and play this song, you’ll be able to practice lead guitar, power chords, minor pentatonic and string bending.

Oasis’ Wonder Wall 

If you’re into strumming and acoustic guitar, Wonder Wall will be able to help you learn new chord in playing guitar as it requires several , new chords than strumming along the song. In learning and playing this song, you need to place a capo at fret 2 in guitar’s neck. In general, this song will build up you skills in strumming, chord library and enhance you knowledge in guitar capo.

Ben E. King’s Stand by Me 

In this song, you’ll be able to learn more about bar chords, treble and bass line guitar picking and chord progression. It is wonderful song that come from 60’s in doo-wop opera and will more likely enhance your guitar skills about chords as it require E and A shaped bar chords.

The Beatle’s Twist and Shout 

This song requires simple basic guitar song that’s why it’s best for beginners. It is also best for guitarist that is into oldies. Strumming, bass walk and fretting a few simple chords is involves when learning twist and shout.

Surfaris’ Wipeout 

All guitar beginners must learn this song as it has fast paced. It involves the alternating pluck of single string notes rather quickly, but of course, you’ll just begin out slow and progress your plucking pace as you improve.

By learning all these songs, you’ll be able to learn and practice more complicated chords. It will also improves your guitar skills and make you used in playing guitar, don’t make yourself too overwhelms in the advanced guitar chords, Take it all easy, learn from basic and you will soon improve in a long run.


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