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Three Easy-to-Learn Song for Beginners


 Guitar - Rumah Musik
Guitar – Rumah Musik

Learning how to play a guitar is not easy especially for beginners who start from scratch. They should start learning the basic first before going to more advanced guitar playing. Although, most of guitarist aspiring to play a guitar along with the song, they should learn the fundamentals. They need to be familiarized with guitar chords, different styles of strumming, tempo (or pace of song) in order to play a song using guitar.

If you want to start playing song with guitar, start from simple song that is easy to play. For you to have some idea on what song can be perfect for beginner like you here are some sample that you may want to try.

 Green day – Time of your life 

As for beginners, this song is perfect for you as it easy to learn. It has simple strumming and picking that can easily be understood and you can hear it clearly when it plays. This is good when you’re starting to play a song with a guitar. You will be able to understand how to do the strumming and picking. It has basic chord which is good for you not to be confused to think that you’re a starter. The whole song just played first 3 frets. The picking is quite simple to do. It can easily be remembered because of its simplicity although it has fast tempo. You can start slowly at first and make yourself familiar with the picking then play in normal speed afterward.

 Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ 

This song is not hard to memorize because it has simple basic chords that just being repeated while it played. As the Greenday’s love of your life, it also has fast tempo but just played it slowly at first then back to normal speed after you can play it in standard speed.

 Plain white T’s’ – Hey There Delilah 

 Although this song possess fastest tempo among this three, it is generally simple and easy to play. It requires just simple basic chords. You may find it a little difficult to learn because of its tempo, after you got used on strumming and picking the chords of this song, come up with the excellent song played.

There are a lot of easy-to-learn songs but among of them, this three is the simplest and you may want to try learning this. Just remember, for you are able to play song, learn from slow pace. It will help you to start playing the song excellently.

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